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In Sri Lanka

As the best towing service in Sri lanka, We can help you carry accident vehicles or breakdown vehicles to the destination of your choice or to the nearest garage from wherever you are. at anytime you need it

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24/7 on the spot
Vehicle Breakdown Service
in Sri Lanka

Our trained team of technicians at towmycar on-the-spot breakdown service around the island guarantee a reliable and excellent service. We are ready to help you no matter where you are, as soon as you need help

  • 24x7 Roadside or driveway assistance
  • On road Repair for minor faults
  • Towing service (vehicle to vehicle)
  • Flatbed trucks and winching service
  • Jumpstart for weak/dead battery
  • Battery replacement
  • Assistance for troubles in wheels
  • Punctured tyre repair in case of two flat tyres
  • On-road Key lockout assistance
  • Fuel (petrol/diesel only) up to 5 litres in case of running dry

Pick your package

Pick the best option that suite your convenience. Package prices starting from Rs.1,500/=

  • First 20km Free 3 Towing / carrier service
  • 24/7 Dedicated Roadside Assistance (On the spot)
    • Flat Tyre spare wheel replacement
    • Flat Tyre repair (Tubeless Tyres)
    • Locked-in assistance
    • Jump Start Services (Battery)
    • Minor Repairs
  • 24/7 Dedicated Customer support (Hotline)
  • Island wide coverage
  • To any destination
  • No hidden charges

Select your Vehicle Category

  • Car / Van
    Rs. 6,000/=
    Jeep / SUV / Cab
    Rs. 7,500/=

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Being helpless with your vehicle in the middle of nowhere is no longer something that you have to worry. our professional towing service is available 24/7 no matter where you are. with just one call to our hotline, our towing vehicles will be there to assist you.
We will tow your vehicle to any destination with no extra cost. Our towing service is available to you no matter wherever you are in Sri Lanka.

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Call us on our hotline whenever you get yourself stuck with a vehicle breakdown. We will dispatch one of our towing vehicles to your location.

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Our towing vehicle will take your vehicle to wherever the destination you choose. to any distance with no extra cost.

Special offer

towmycar basic package subscription is free of charge for first 3 years for all the Hyiko Japan Warranty Holders

certified green company

Certified green company

Sustainability is fully integrated into the business concept of towmycar.lk both from the perspective of commercial interests as well as sustainable development and environmental management.

We operate paperless

From the inception of its operations, sustainability has been at the very core of how business is done at towmycar.lk. Company core policies and operation is conducted in such manner in order to protect the environment by minimizing our carbon footprints. More than 95% of our operation is conducted in digital systems.

Sustainable business operation

The long term vision of towmycar.lk is built on the foundation of sustainability – therefore, the strategies and operations that support our short, medium and long term goals are inextricably bound to principles of sustainable and responsible business.

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