towmycar.lk commenced operations in Sri Lanka in 2019, incoperated as a private limited company in Sri Lanka as "TOW MY CAR(PVT)LTD" under the registration number (PV00215826). Locally, the company has a presence in all 24 Districts with more than 100 towing service provider teams serving thousands of beneficiaries. Helping people anytime, anywhere is the essence that drives the company and has always remained at the heart of it.

We, besides offering services direct to consumer also customises and offers Road Side Assistance to leading companies. The company assists in creating and implementing tailor-made programs to maximize customer satisfaction and loyalty. Committed to its partners, towmycar.lk focuses on building customer relationships that continue to enhance their brand value.

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Our story of helping people began at the early 2019 and has never ceased. It all began in 2019 in the heart of colombo, as an innovative concept to bring a solid roadside assistance platform to address a critical issue in Sri Lanka's automotive industry. In 2019 we began our brand inception as a Private Limited Company. Today we are a part of the Local automobile industry as a true, integral part of its strategic core.

The company is headquartered in World Trade Center, in the heart of Colombo and is owned by Winered group of Companies, Sri lanka's Premier consortium of companies providing services in Travel and Tourism, Automobile Industry, Jewellery and Gems and Industrial Automation Technologies and is backed by Italy based strategic partnership.

As the world and people's needs within the world is evolving, our ways of helping people have also transformed. Today, we reach out to thousands of beneficiaries in all around the country.

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Service Infrastructure

We have a proven credibility in managing complex networks of high quality service providers to deliver the best services each and every time. We connect them with customers in need, wherever they are in Sri Lanka. We stand unparalleled with a huge fleet of Company Owned Company Operated trucks as well as partnering towing services that are dedicated to get you out of the worst conditions.

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